DA Says Someday Bish Case Will Be Solved

The Worcester D-A says the investigation is continuing into the Molly Bish case.

It was 23 years ago this month she went missing from Warren and 20 years ago this week that her remains were found in a wooded area of Palmer.

The family of Molly Bish say they are eager to see a new set of eyes on the evidence connected to her death...and have lost faith in the investigation.

But D-A Joe Early although conceding that mistakes were made in the original investigation- it was treated as a downing and not a kidnapping to start...fresh eyes arent necessary.

The DA says an anonymous tip line remains open... 508-453-7575 is that number.

Molly Bish would have been almsot 40 years of age now.

(Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/Getty Images)

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Photo: Getty Images

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